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blood drum spirit

s ’nuff piano solo

s ’nuff saxophone and drum solos

club +233 2017

drum solos

drum solo excerpt in 7 with blood drum spirit at umass

plantation earth drum solo at umass amherst

drum solo excerpt in 11/8 with blood drum spirit at umass

talking drums ensemble

abraham kobena adzenyah tribute at wesleyan university

world music traditions

akom 1 demonstration at mampong asante, ghana

akom 2 demonstration at mampong asante, ghana

eʋe – dedicated to freeman kwadzo donkor and the eʋe people of ghana


da liuzi ensemble with drumset in ji shou, west hunan, china

dagu in miao zhai village, de wu, west hunan, china

ping hu qiu yue with guzheng and drumset


kul-x ensemble led by danongan kalanduyan, philippine palabunibunyan ensemble tidtu a kamamatuan style with drumset 2

kalinga gangsa ensemble led by alex tumapang

kalinga dey-dey-o panpipes played by alex tumapang with drumset


pungmulnori demonstration

cross-cultural improvisation inspired by korean traditions


geger sekutha, directed by i. m. harjito

kempul and gong agung


turkish frame drum usul


baomi butts-watson i know I’ve been changed

baomi butts-watson and phoenyx iko-iko

david bindman robeson house echoes

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