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royal hartigan, one of the most unique artistic, influential drummers and scholars of our time, is a percussionist, pianist, tap dancer, educator, and author. for more than three decades, he has worked with master artists and musicians, dancers, visual artists, poets, social activists, and others to bring people together in celebration of our common humanity across cultures and national boundaries, through the medium of creative music in the african american tradition.

new album: time changes

blood drum spirit:
art hirahara, david bindman, royal hartigan, wes brown

  1. st. louis blues04:50
  1. dreamfireswaking/invitation blood drum spirit 3:32

world music videos

beijing opera percussion ensemble patterns

chinese kun qu opera percussion patterns with ban and dan pi gu

drumset with wang jing, erhu, sai ma

cross cultural improvisation with zhang weihua, guzheng zither, autumn forest sounds

da liuzi ensemble with drumset in ji shou, west hunan, china

kul-x ensemble led by danongan kalanduyan, kulintang binalig style with drumset

blood drum spirit videos

blood drum spirit brooklyn concert 06: caravan

blood drum spirit brooklyn concert 1: tala vadyam

fontomfrom atopiretia rhythmic sequence – drum ensemble and drumset

blood drum spirit trio wes brown david bindman royal hartigan in ghana

s ’nuff saxophone and drum solos

s ’nuff piano solo

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